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Note - We absolutely WILL NOT accept confessions that bad mouth other fans by name. We are not affiliated with R5, FOX, or Disney Channel. Also - If we use your photo for a confession and you did not recieve credit, please link us and you will be credited, or we will take it down if you'd like.
Anonymous said:

hey :) i live in australia so i obviously can't go to the R5 concerts *cries*, can you record the concert when you go!?!?!? please!?!?! pretty please!?!?! HAVE AN AMAZING TIME :) xxxxxxxxxxx

AHHH! I just got this message, I am so so sorry! But I recorded maybe ten seconds of a song and got a few lame pictures. I can post the video here if you’d like :)

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Anonymous said:

are you going to see R5 on there tour??

Yes :) Seattle baby!

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Like I said before…

Confessions attacking certain fans or the “R5 Family” will not be accepted.

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Photo credit: [x]

Photo credit: [x]

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Anonymous said:

does rocky have a tattoo

Nope. The turtle is a temporary tatoo :3

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Hi guise :3

I’m not getting like any confessions, so either the box is broken orrrr there is nothing to be said orrrrr you hate R5confessions.


If you have any questions about R5 I will be glad to answer them.

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